Crème de la Crème


All life is made of cells. They come in thousands of shapes and sizes. The human body has over 100 trillion of them. They undergo 500 quadrillion chemical reactions every second. They only ask that we take care of ourselves! 


ATP: The energy of life. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and resilient. The surface of the skin and its moisture retention improve significantly, allowing the skin to regain its resilience and youthful complexion.








GSH: A specific way of self-defence. Stimulates collagen, improving the skin’s elasticity, resulting in nicely defined contours. Improves the complexion after damage such as acne, wounds and sunburn.





EXT: The basic need of water. The specific proteins and hyaluronic acid capsules contained in the cream push wrinkles towards the outside, which immediately guarantees a hydrated and even complexion. Skin hydration is improved by 200 %.